Character strengths are paramount in today’s society of information overload. We use the vehicle of demanding tennis training and competition to enhance and develop players character traits of resilience, integrity, self control, passion, goals, delayed gratification, commitment, responsibility, motivation, discipline self reliance, courage and self confidence. No matter how far you go as a player, if you use tennis to strengthen character, tennis will always be a priceless gift.

Players train in small groups with strong one-on-one attention. All coaches go through a HPT coach education process. Training is supplemented with state-of-the-art equipment, training on clay and hard, focus on “overload” training, use of video analysis and video comparison with the pros in technique and strategy, and very fit, strong players.

Hobson Performance Tennis Coaches

Ashley Hobson

“Character drives talent towards greatness.”

Ashley Hobson, Director

Ashley Hobson has thirty-two years of coaching and playing experience, which includes coaching at the Van Der Meer Academy as the country’s National Coach, coaching Davis Cup and Federation Cup teams, on the ATP, WTA, and ITF International Junior tours in over 60 countries. Ashley has coached two top twenty WTA players and as a National Coach, coached and captained teams competing in World Youth Cup, World Junior Tennis, Asian Games, and the All China Games.

Hobson’s players have won National Titles, ITF Titles and Professional Tournaments and he has sent hundreds of player to play college tennis in the USA. Ashley Hobson has conducted coaching seminars in Japan, Hong Kong, China Singapore and USA, as well as seminars for the JPTR and ITF. College educated as a lawyer, Ashley has completed his BA and LLB degrees. Ashley Hobson is fluent in 3 languages and has competed in 5 Ironman triathlons. Associations include PTR, NSCA and the USTA High Performance Coaching Program.

  • Thirty three year coaching experience in 60 + countries
  • Worked with some of the worlds best coaches starting out: Dennis Van Der Meer, Peter Burwash
  • Coaching wins over #1 player on ATP and WTA tours – Sampras and Capriati
  • Worked with many top 100 players on men’s and women’s tours
  • Developed 15- 20 US National champions
  • Developed two players boy and 1 girl – 2017/2020 who played at “La Petit As” for the USA (Top 3 in USA)
  • Grand Slam junior champion 1996 – developed from age 6
  • National Coach for Hong Kong, China 1996-2001
  • Hong Kong – Davis Cup Coach and Captain – 5 years
  • Federation Cup Coach and Captain – 5 years
  • Developed two teams (6 boys) to world group of Junior Davis Cup and World junior Tennis in 2001 for Hong Kong, China
  • Coaching seminar speaker – Japan, Singapore, South Africa, Hong Kong, US High Schools Assoc, GA High Schools Assoc, Florida Coaches Association
  • Speaker ITF regional coaches conference Guangzhou China, 2016
  • Produced videos – “Movement for Tennis” and “Tennis Technique – Player Development”
  • Educated as a lawyer with BA and LLB degrees
  • Tennis education: PTR – 1989 National Tester, USTA High Performance coach 2002, ITF Worldwide coaches conferences – 1997 – Mexico, 1999 – Morocco, 2002 – Thailand, 2004 – Portugal
  • NSCA – strength and conditioning coach – CSCS
  • AIS – Active Isolated Stretching – certified coach
  • Completed 5 Ironman triathlons, multiple marathons and 2 ultra marathons
  • Married to Dawn, with two children, Michael, Sophia

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At Hobson Performance Tennis we are committed to developing great players and good people! We believe that without the right heart and mind champions can never be made.

“If a player has the right attitude, backed up with the right training, then the results will follow.”

– Hobson Philosophy

Hobson Player Collegiate Scholarship Recipients

Katherine White – Notre Dame
Michael Sinha – Wisconsin
Calvin Kemp – GA State
Kir Kemp – GA State
Christian Gochnauer – GA State
Trenton Spinks – GA State
Jon Crist – Samford
Robert Nunnery – Samford
Evangeline Crist – Liberty
Alison Mills – U. S Carolina
Matt Harvie – Covenant
Henrik Almstrom – U Rhode Island
Sonia Anand – Wofford
Matt Shemanski – Wofford
Tinus Van Wyk – Wofford
Zach Landy – Wofford
Ryan Cheung – U California, Irvine
Taylor Davis – Flagler

Chris Eastwood – Georgia Southwestern
Randy Phillips – UNC-Greensboro
Dana Guentert – Michigan State
Josh Finkelstein – U California, SB
Jack Hui – U California, SB
Mark Guentert – US Coast Guard Academy
Taylor Hamala – Young Harris
Heather Heusel – Presbyterian
James Zaher – Presbyterian
Grayson Mills – Presbyterian
William O Connell – Presbyterian
Nick Hudson – Hampton
Ricky Hui – Rollins College
Brian Hung – Michigan
Morgan Klieber – Austin Peay
Alexis Lee – North Georgia
Courtney McLane – Alabama
Erin Mills – Tusculum College
Katie North – Lee

Emily Orist – Lee
Brian Oldfield – MIT
Anastasia Opata – Washington State
Taylor Place – St Marys
Terry Richardson – Xavier
Jack Schoeman – Bethany
Katherine Shaw – U North Greenville
Leah Pridgeon – GCSU
Ronald Chow – Azuza
Sam Yates – Mercer University
Drew Wendel – UT Chattanooga
Matt Jones – Oglethorpe
Daniel Blanchard – Point
Kevin Dong – Case Western
Ryan Duncan – GA Perimeter
Ataman Billor – Case Western
Wayne Wong – UC Berkeley
Freja Zacho – Coastal Carolina