Consulting Services

Hobson Tennis has a unique global experience and perspective on player development programs.  From coaching coaches, to coaching professional players, teams, and structuring player development programs for academies, clubs or national associations.

Hobson Tennis can deliver services to you that – improve coaches, draw players, add structured programs and produce world class players.

Consulting and coaching seminar experiences include:

  • Japanese Professional Tennis Registry
  • Hong Kong Tennis Association
  • International Tennis Federation – ITF
  • Singapore Coaches Association
  • United States High School Tennis Coaches Association – USHSTCA
  • Georgia HS Coaches Association
  • Chinese Tennis Association

Some consulting topics include:

  1. Developing high performance players from 8-18 years old
  2. Working with professional players
  3. Coach development – becoming a performance coach, step by step
  4. Starting, developing and maintaining a high performance tennis program / national program
  5. Overload training for improved technique
  6. Character, Mental, emotional and match flow training
  7. Structured Strategy training from start to finish

If you would be interested in our services please contact us with your needs.