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Develop a Champion Child and a Champion Tennis Player!

Hobson Performance Tennis has developed Junior Grand Slam Champions, Professionals, 100’s of Collegiate Players and fine young adults prepared to take on the world with the mind and heart of a champion thanks to our Seven Stages of Development Blueprint.

Would you like to learn how to transform a beginner player into a high level player – either college or professional?

Understand all the pitfalls and learn from a veteran with 1000s of players developed into champions.

Thousands of players, parents and coaches have learned from our teachings. The National Tennis Federations of numerous countries have benefitted from our coaching.

Membership is packed with videos, illustrations and articles on coaching daily over the past 30 plus years. PLUS the support needed to reach your full potential as a player and a person!


  • What kind of program do I need?
  • What kind of coach is best?
  • Why does my player get stuck and what steps do I need to take in order to move forward?

  • We have the experience and knowledge to quickly assess what is needed – be it physical, technical, mental, emotional, match-play, strategy, patterns, scheduling or training issues.

  • What are the steps to developing greatness?

  • Why is my player not improving?

  • Timing of adjustments – how, why, what are the long term effects and planning?

  • Get an honest assessment in person or online via video. THEN get the assistance you need to make a plan to correct issues, set goals and make a timeline.


We have 40 years of player development experience at very diverse levels – National Coaches, structuring a country’s player development program, working at the biggest academies, world-wide tennis exposure in over 60 countries, team coaching – Junior World Tennis (under 14), Junior Davis Cup and Federation Cup (under 16) and National Davis Cup and Federation Cup teams and coaching players at over 300 professional tournaments!

We are NOT hype and marketing!

Hobson Performance Tennis Members Get Immediate Access To:

Our Full Training Archive & Instruction from World Class Industry Experts

We show you the modern techniques we use to get the job done!

We show you WHAT WORKS for developing champions!

Finally a place to go for all your questions, to ask for feedback, gain support and make the right decision for your development!

100+ Training Videos

Have access to over a hundred different videos and tutorials from an expert, in the trenches each day.

New videos being added each week:

  • Live Training Drills
  • Talks and Skills
  • Development Roadmaps
  • Archives of hundreds of articles and tests, graphs and pictorials

AND our library is constantly growing!

Membership Benefits

Real People, Real Learning, Real Success

“Ashley understands player development at a very deep level and he took my game tactically to another level.”

– semis of Kalamazoo boys 18’s doubles –


“He took my game from #140 in the state to # 7 in the state in 2 years.”


“I won my first professional title under Ashley’s guidance.”


“Ashley cares about my kid’s progress as a person as well as a tennis player.”


Get Access to Professional Training!




Recurring payment – cancel anytime in just 2 clicks of your mouse.




Save $60 with an annual subscription! Renews automatically.


Frequently Asked Questions

So, you have questions? Let us try to answer those for you…

What is the Monthly Membership?2020-11-06T15:06:02-05:00

The monthly membership gives you unlimited access to Hobson Performance Tennis’ training and instructional videos as well as the latest articles, tests, graphs and pictorials!

What is the price of the Monthly Membership?2020-11-06T14:51:16-05:00

The membership is ongoing so you’ll be charged a monthly membership fee of $25 until you decide to cancel.

How often do you release new content?2020-11-06T14:52:54-05:00

We are adding new content every week!

Is it difficult to cancel my Monthly Membership?2020-11-06T14:53:24-05:00

It is very easy. You can just visit your My Account page, choose the Subscription option and then click Cancel. Easy as that. You can cancel at anytime and renew whenever you like. If you cancel midway through a month you will still have access for the whole month you paid for.

Are the Monthly Membership videos just a collection of YouTube videos?2020-11-06T14:43:04-05:00

No these are videos shot during training each week about hands on tips and information, or articles and infographics.

Am I tied to a contract?2020-11-06T14:54:15-05:00

There is no ongoing commitment, contracts or other ties.

Does the Annual Membership automatically renew?2020-11-06T14:42:10-05:00


If there’s anything at all that you’re not certain about, anything we haven’t made clear; any concerns or questions then please do contact us and we’ll help you out.

Trusted By Professionals

Ashley evaluated the current coaching programs and then drew up a master plan for the growth of tennis in the country. He is extremely hard working, honest, reliable and truthful, a real credit to any group he chooses to work for.

– Ed Hardisty, Director Hong Kong, China Tennis Association

We would like to thank you for the wonderful and informative coaches workshop. All those that attended enjoyed it very much and went away loaded with information.

– Lim Swee Tak, Director Singapore Tennis Coaches Association

Ashley has always proven himself to be a true professional with an excellent work ethic.

– Van Der Meer, Tennis University

Over the last 3 years I have recommended Hobson´s tennis academy to total of 4 Czech junior tennis players who represent our country in national squads. All 4 of them were totally excited about their experience at Hobsons academy and they did not want to go home!

Training in Atlanta really helped them with their game, realizing their strengths and weaknesses, getting more confidence and improving their self-sufficiency. I will always recommend this academy to anyone who stresses values like commitment, hard work, modesty and teamwork.

I have never attended the academy myself, but from the players references and personal knowledge of Ashley Hobson, I can guarantee that they CARE for the players and their personal and tennis development.

Petr Klimek, Coaches Development, Czech Tennis Association

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