The more I see top players compete, I realize the difference is mainly mental. Attitude, Discipline, Hustle, Courage, Ability to play better when it matters – are paramount. Parents, coaches and teachers need to be instilling these traits which are absolutely key in developing champions. This approach is captured in our academy philosophy and steps to developing a player.

Ashley Hobson, owner of Hobson Performance Tennis and the Director of Tennis at Inspiration Academy Tennis explains his proven blueprint for developing top players.

The goal is to assist competitive junior or professional players achieve their maximum level of play. We do this by providing an individualized “inside-out” training program that takes place both on and off the court. Our system covers technical, tactical, physical, mental, and emotional elements of becoming a great player.

Developing champions from “the inside-out” through a transformational program that recognizes how character and the right heart, drive accomplishment.

With over 30 years of experience coaching elite and national teams and providing world renowned training and mentorship for tennis players at all ages and skill levels, Hobson Performance Tennis has a proven track record of developing champions from 6 years of age to pro-tournament winners, coaching both Davis Cup and Federation Cup Teams, and producing players who were awarded hundreds of college scholarships.

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“Ashley understands player development at a very deep level and he took my game tactically to another level.”

– semis of Kalamazoo boys 18’s doubles –


“He took my game from #140 in the state to # 7 in the state in 2 years.”


“I won my first professional title under Ashley’s guidance.”


“Ashley cares about my kid’s progress as a person as well as a tennis player.”


Trusted By Professionals

Ashley evaluated the current coaching programs and then drew up a master plan for the growth of tennis in the country. He is extremely hard working, honest, reliable and truthful, a real credit to any group he chooses to work for.

– Ed Hardisty, Director Hong Kong, China Tennis Association

We would like to thank you for the wonderful and informative coaches workshop. All those that attended enjoyed it very much and went away loaded with information.

– Lim Swee Tak, Director Singapore Tennis Coaches Association

Ashley has always proven himself to be a true professional with an excellent work ethic.

– Van Der Meer, Tennis University

Over the last 3 years I have recommended Hobson´s tennis academy to total of 4 Czech junior tennis players who represent our country in national squads. All 4 of them were totally excited about their experience at Hobsons academy and they did not want to go home!

Training in Atlanta really helped them with their game, realizing their strengths and weaknesses, getting more confidence and improving their self-sufficiency. I will always recommend this academy to anyone who stresses values like commitment, hard work, modesty and teamwork.

I have never attended the academy myself, but from the players references and personal knowledge of Ashley Hobson, I can guarantee that they CARE for the players and their personal and tennis development.

Petr Klimek, Coaches Development, Czech Tennis Association