“If a player has the right attitude, backed up with the right training, then the results will follow.”

– Hobson Philosophy

Attitude, Training, Results

The more I see top players compete, I realize the difference is mainly mental. Attitude, Discipline, Hustle, Courage, Ability to play better when it matters – are paramount. Parents, coaches and teachers need to be instilling these traits which are absolutely key in developing champions. This approach is captured in our academy philosophy and steps to developing a player:

6 Stages of developing a Player

  1. The right character, attitude and work ethic
  2. Perfect footwork, stances, stroke technique and understanding of the game.
  3. Repetition with innovative and “overload” drills and competition – pushing players to the edge of their physical and mental abilities.
  4. Strategy and tactics, knowing the tactical court, player match ups and personalized patterns
  5. Mental toughness, routines and rituals, match flow, momentum, stages of a match and problem solving.
  6. Point play with coaching.  Competition. Then evaluation and re- planning.