Stages of A Match
October 9, 2012
Target areas on the court
January 11, 2017

Levels of Competing

competitive player

During the course of a player’s career, they will have to go through a number of mental levels. It is important to let players experience all of these levels so that they can handle the mental and emotional pressures these different roles create.


1 – Underdog:

Easiest to play from here – no pressure, relaxed and swinging freely.  If you are all ways playing up an age group you never experience the mental pressure of playing from # 3 and 4.  Low chance of success as unfamiliar with leading and uncomfortable.


2 – 50-50:

Starting to win more and compete at a better level. Player thinks he is good enough to win. Low to medium pressure.  Usually has fast starts in matches but doesn’t hold up if momentum swings against him. Checks out if match goes against him.  Doesn’t convert battle zones well.  Uncomfortable leading against a top player.


3 – Seed:

Expectations growing and with it the pressure. Learning the ability to play under pressure.  Good level to learn to achieve, but scary and vulnerable.  Success against #2 players if routines and fundamentals are stuck with.  Winning often feels more of a relief than elation. Need to convert battle zones at this level.


4 – Dominant Favorite:

Privilege to get to this level.  Can withstand the pressure of playing at a high level with pressure.