Target areas on the court

15 July 2016 // Posted By: Ashley Hobson

1-7 Target areas and movement …More

Difference between Top players and the rest

31 March 2016 // Posted By: Ashley Hobson

Difference between top players and second tier …More

Quick Guidelines for the Parent of the Child Athlete – Ashley Hobson

08 February 2016 // Posted By: Ashley Hobson

  10 golden-rules for the tennis parent:Take a mandatory 30 minute cooling period before talking about or critiquing a match that your child has just played.         “The battle weary mind remembers very little”Support small accomplishments as well as big ones. Small things and big things are all important things to the young athlete.         “There is no such thing as a bad win in tennis”Never regard big wins with gifts or big meals etc. This teaches the athlete that winning deserves special treatment. The athlete needs learn to do the small things with class and pride while learning how to accomplish great things with comfort and grace.  “It is wise to walk with the great and the small in equal dignity”  Children should be allowed to have ownership of their emotions and to learn how to deal with them in their own way. …More

Why Do Juniors Switch Coaches So Often?

31 January 2014 // Posted By: Ashley Hobson

– by Steve Smith One short answer would be juniors change so often because pros do. Juniors do copy pros. A longer answer would be the role of the ‘buyer’, the ‘seller’ and the ‘taker’. The buyer is the parent(s). The ‘seller’ is the tennis coach. The ‘taker’ is the junior tennis player. Yes, as always, there are exceptions to the rule but this is how the typical scenario plays out. The buyer (parent) has no idea what they are buying. They are writing checks with little or no experience and little or no tennis knowledge. The buyer is an under-educated consumer. The seller (coach) knows what they are selling and it is not tennis development. They are selling credibility and credibility is not product knowledge. Credibility means you are believable, …More

Pre-tournament Preparation

09 January 2013 // Posted By: Hobson Performance Tennis

Here are guidelines and fundamental reminders of how to prepare for your tournament matches.Week Before – Win a lot of sets vs. players that you are favored to beat. Two Days prior to event – Finish toughest part of training and competition Day before– Light workout (two hour) – sharpen tools only. Take ½ day off of tennis and rest your mind. (movie, reading etc…Limit internet etc.)Eat right, sleep right , get equipment right. Hydrate night before match.  No eating seafood. Day of matchAt new site – Get one hitting session in day before to become familiar with courts and surroundings.  Optimal to get two or three before you play. At familiar site – get one to two hitting sessions at site.Early Morning Match Wake up 3 hours before match time.  …More

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