At Hobson Performance Tennis Academy we are committed to developing great players, and good people. We believe that without the right heart and mind champions can never be made.

Character strengths are paramount in today’s society of information overload. We use the vehicle of demanding tennis training and competition to enhance and develop players character traits of resilience, integrity, self control, passion, goals, delayed gratification, commitment, responsibility, motivation, discipline self reliance, courage and self confidence. No matter how far you go as a player, if you use tennis to strengthen character, tennis will always be a priceless gift.

Players train in small groups with strong one-on-one attention. All coaches go through a HPT coach education process. Training is supplemented with state-of-the-art equipment, training on clay and hard, focus on “overload” training, use of video analysis and video comparison with the pros in technique and strategy, and very fit, strong players.

Hobson Tennis Members

Academy Director

Ashley Hobson

Academy Director
Twenty-five years of coaching and playing experience includes coaching at the Van Der Meer Academy...
Veteran Coach

Morne Hobson

Veteran Coach
Veteran coach with 30 years of playing and coaching experience at a high level around the world...

Consulting Coaches

HPTA has many outside coaches come in to help with player specifics and explain the process of player development. Some of these coaches have been:

  • Dr. Bryce Young
  • Chuck Kriese